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Walton Insights

Created in partnership with
Drew Stephens
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The central Walton College research blog that focuses on faculty insights and perspectives from several different disciplines.

Launch Date

September 1, 2021

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Our office began Walton Insights in the Spring of 2019. There were concepts in the form of a basic WordPress blog, but we wanted to express domain authority with this faculty research dedicated site. It began as a simple listing page with manually coded pages with a blog layout. The pandemic begged for creativity, so we took the change in the Spring of 2021, to redesign the site, with a few new stakeholders at the table. What you see today is a fully-functioning blog website that runs on the OmniCMS blog module. We’ve created a three column homepage to feature various types of work. This has quickly become the primary hub for Sam M. Walton College of Business faculty research and insights. 

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