my story

Get to know me and the way I approach my projects.

I believe that home is where memories are made. In your home, you most likely feel a sense of comfort you cannot find anywhere else. I carry that concept into my work on the web. Your website should evoke the same presence you feel in your home. After all, if you have a place on the web for any one thing you’ve built in the real world, shouldn’t those same feelings and ideas bleed over into the presence it holds on the web? I think so. 

As a designer and developer, I feel a responsibility to my clients – to help bring their vision to life. You must spend time with your clients, their vision, and their projects; truly get to know them inside and out. This, I believe, is the only way to capture their true meaning and create an experience on the web that matches their mission and vision in life.  

I’d be remiss not to take that same approach for my own website. Here, you’ll find a little bit about me. Who I once was, who I am, and maybe even a peek into who I am on my way to becoming. You see, I was born in Southern California. I have a love for the beach and any body of water. I love the peace that you find when you’re on the water. In that peace, ideas begin to spark. While life has taken me on a journey far away from the beaches of Southern California, I wanted the concept of the coast spelled out throughout my home on the web. As you explore, you will find ideas that sparked many times while I’ve been on the water. 

While my upbring around the beach has largely inspired my direction in life, I also consider myself to be a music connoisseur – you’ll find samples of art related to the music that has inspired me both in my past as a broadcast journalism major and also in many of the designs and concepts featured here.  

From here, I’ll turn it over to you. Take your time to explore. Sink your feet in the sand and get to know my work. If you feel so inclined, reach out and say hello

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