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Walton College Redesign

Created in partnership with
Drew Stephens
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A complete redesign of the main Walton College homepage with six companion landing pages to help shift the focus back to the college’s main offering – programs.

Launch Date

September 1, 2023

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After more than a year of ideating, wireframing, sketching and mocking up several variations of what a new Walton College homepage could be, we have arrived at a brand new experience. The forthcoming homepage offers the college’s main offering at the top of the page, the opposite approach we have taken in the past. With a more intentional focus on future and prospective students, we were able to create six supporting landing pages that help potential students and parents why Walton College is the right choice for them. These pages help cover a lot of ground. From student success and support to industry partnerships and the alumni community  – there is a little bit of everything for anyone. These landing pages also move away from a left-side navigation template structure. With Bootstrap 5 and plenty of full-width use cases, we are able to bring a more visual, true landing page experience to our website audience. 

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